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Hello Hard Enduro World…

The fifth edition of enduroPANORAMA will take place on 3-4-5th may 2013.
Details coming soon on www.motoclubhaita.ro and Face cos tam....

Best regards


Wiec kaledarzyki w dlon i…

„Z każdym dniem łapię chwile ulotne jak motyle                                             

 Na stałe koduję we fragmentach bądź całe  

 Zapamiętałem już ich bez liku  

 Wszystkie mam w sobie, żadnej w pamiętniku  

 Zaś w notatniku bądź w kalendarzyku

 Notuję zadania i termin wykonania  

 Zgroza…” :)

Sorry for inconvenience, but we don’t like riding in cold rain. Do you?

As many of you know it already we have an agreement concerning the weather during enduroPANORAMA event. The terms are simple : 'they' provide good weather for the competition and we don’t overlap with religious holidays. 
We were warned that we are about to break the agreement terms.

So, because on 5th of may there is eastern in Romania we will change the event period to 10-11-12 may 2013.

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