Coś mi się wydaje że RBR podąża aktualnie za Uncle Traveling Matt :) Red Bull Minas Riders Belo Horizonte, Brazil 17 – 20 April 2016

Zapodajemy muzę w ramach wstępu i przy tunowania na odpowiednią częstotliwość odbioru info:

Dear competitor,

We are glad to present to you, and the world of hard enduro, our Christmas news present.

After more than one year of preparation we are now ready to announce the first South American hard enduro competition to take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 17 – 20 April 2016, and you are one of the first people to hear about the event. This event is included in the ‘’2016 Red Bull hard enduro world series’’.

Red Bull Minas Riders is another product of the Red Bull Romaniacs mastermind Martin Freinademetz. Martin is bringing the Romaniacs concept with four offroad race days over the Atlantic Ocean to the South American continent

Some of the finest Red Bull Romaniacs experienced track managers Rienk Tuinstra – Netherlands, Peter Weiss -Denmark, Mike Skinner – New Zealand and Eric Themel – Austria have spent over 500 hours on their motorbikes to find the very best new virgin hard enduro tracks in an area which has an old tradition of mining prospecting by the famous ‘’Tropeiros de minas Gerais’’.
With the help of the local track managers many trails were discovered that were created and used by the gold digging miners and their forced slaves.

The Red Bull Minas Riders hard enduro rallye will start in Belo Horizonte, soccer fans might have heard about BeloHorizonte from when the football World Championships were held in Brasil. Belo Horizonte has an International Airport and our race head quarter hotel is on the edge of the city and the offroad start is close to BH, Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais. Belo Horizonte(BH), means ‘’Beautiful Horizon’’ and people will understand once they get to ride around the city.

While 3 offroad days will start from the Belo Horizonte(BH) area, one offroad day will start from Oro Breto an old city built in the colonial style from centuries ago, a famous gold mining area and the former capital of Minas Gerais.

As the event name suggests you can expect the race route will lead from one mine complex to another mine, but in-between on the race track are different kinds of terrain with superb tracks in tight jungle sections, up long grass hills, on wide open tracks, and over massive stone sections.

Beside the astonishing landscape and the riding adventures you will get to experience that famous warm and welcoming Brasillian hospitality, an incredible motorsport enthusiastic population, and there really no need for any discussion on how incredibly beautiful those Brasillian women really are.

An amazing phenomenon is the massive local enduro scene in and around BH. Martin Freinademetz admits he has never seen something of a similar size before with hundreds of enduro riders heading out onto the trails every weekend.

Beside the North and South American hard enduro rippers are the world’s best extreme riders like Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker, Wade Young, Alfredo Gomez already confirmed to compete in the race.

Rental bikes, ready to race will be available in Belo Horizonte by the Orange BH KTM shop. Contact

The surrounding countries will also organize bike transports, so the motorbikes can go on a multiple day road trip in a truck while the competitors will fly into BH. For further co-ordination please contact

But Register to race quickly, and win the race to get accommodation in the Race headquarter hotel, and to grab one of the limited 200 starting places. For more event details and to register to compete visit us at:

Rejestracja do zawodów

We hope you like our Christmas news.
Wishing you relaxed holidays and a good trip into the New Year.

Your Red Bull Romaniacs & Red Bull Minas Riders team :)

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