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As you know or maybe not Madeinenduro called shortly MIE is about widely understood Enduro, Navigation and Adventure with Survival. This time is short shot regarding survival tip. 

First usualy is impresion… Discovery Channel and somebody running thru beutiful landscapes like less head chicken :) That person also eat every thing in strange discusting way… means with open mouth :P

Do you know now about who I am talking about? Ok. this taster and sprinter in one, is selling a knife with signature BG.

And now… One our BRO due to lack of knowledge and Scrooge things bought something what was looks like tool called knife…

Below is even no knife test which you can find many on the internet. It was just Simple time off in the bush with simple bushcraft things. Nothing special just basics.
Once he started to work, wery quickly he find out why knife is a tool. Then few moments later he found out why tools should be bought for good money not crap money… :)
Money is related to quality what is attached as subliminal messaging to the bellow picture.

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